• Tomorrow`s Hope

    A group of Syrian refugees are trying to build a new life in Lebanon.

  • Miriam & Maryam

    The first European-Emirati co-production for worldwide distribution

  • Hopelessly in Love

    Abu Dhabi’s first modern drama, in cooperation with SPHINX FILMS

  • Alexander The Great

    Set in Macedonia, north of Greece, in 340BC

  • First Love

    A TV series for 300 million potential viewers in the entire Arabic-speaking world

  • Sky Angels

    Action series set in and around the spectacular setting of the Gulf Area

  • Asswar

    A TV series, produced for the international arabic satellite broadcaster MBC

  • Didgeridoo

    A documentary film about the music instrument of the aborigines

Cooperation with Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan, March 2019 – Ahmed Radwan took part in an official visit in Kazakhstan. In a number of official meetings, including HE Mukhamediuly Arystanbek, minister for culture and sports, a number of projects, which are in preparation now, were discussed. Mr. Radwan also was invited to visit the T.K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts in ...

Meeting with Branko Lustig

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Zagreb, January 2019 - For many years Ahmed Radwan has a very close friendship with Branko Lustig, the producer of films like Kingdom of Heaven or Schindler’s List. The first contact was initiated back in 2004, when Branko Lustig heard from various sides about the work and initiatives for intercultural dialogue and peace and decided he wanted to see how they could work together on ...

Cooperation with Oman

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Muscat, April 2017 – During his official visit to Oman, Ahmed Radwan met with the Minister for Tourism to discuss several projects including school films and also TV series. Oman is very interested in co-operating and the preparations for the first project are already starting. Mr. Radwan also met with several other contacts in Oman, including members of the Royal family, ministers and other officials aswell ...

Press Conference in Kuwait

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Kuwait, Wednesday January 28th 2015 – At the residence of Mr. Ulrich Frank, the Austrian Ambassador to Kuwait, a press conference was organized to highlight co-production possibilities between the gulf area and Europe. Many journalists and film producers, as well as some star actors and actresses, were present. With the support of Mr. Radwan and his company, more and more Arab countries are becoming interested ...

Tomorrow`s Hope

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A group of Syrian refugees are trying to build a new life in Lebanon. However, some of the people have to experience how everything that builds up breaks up again, and so they try their luck in Europe Synopsis of the part shot in Austria Warda, a young woman, after her new life is destroyed in Lebanon, takes with her husband on the dangerous journey by boat ...