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Cooperation with Oman

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Muscat, April 2017 – During his official visit to Oman, Ahmed Radwan met with the Minister for Tourism to discuss several projects including school films and also TV series. Oman is very interested in co-operating and the preparations for the first project are already starting. Mr. Radwan also met with several other contacts in Oman, including members of the Royal family, ministers and other officials aswell ...

Press Conference in Kuwait

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Kuwait, Wednesday January 28th 2015 – At the residence of Mr. Ulrich Frank, the Austrian Ambassador to Kuwait, a press conference was organized to highlight co-production possibilities between the gulf area and Europe. Many journalists and film producers, as well as some star actors and actresses, were present. With the support of Mr. Radwan and his company, more and more Arab countries are becoming interested ...

Meeting with two Legends in Los Angeles

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Ahmed Radwan recently had the honor of meeting with two legends of the international film industry.

Los Angeles, California, November 2012 – Ahmed Radwan recently had the honor of meeting with two legends of the international film industry. The world-famous and most prominent Russian director/producer Sergei Bodrov (nominated for an Oscar for "Mongol") met with Mr. Radwan and equally famous producer Branko Lustig (Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, ....) to discuss joint projects. Specifically, Mr. Radwan was able to consult with the ...

Exploring new opportunities in Russia!

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Moscow, June 2012 - Ahmed Radwan made his first trip to Russia, where he had several meetings to discuss potential cooperative projects with Russian producers. Especially film and TV productions to be produced with Russian, European, UAE and US partners were an important topic at these meetings. Mr. Radwan also met with a representative of the CINEMA CONCERN MOSFILM, a federal state unitary enterprise whose 13 ...

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