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Meeting with Producer of Schindler’s List in Beverly Hills

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Branko Lustig

Beverly Hills, California 2012 - meeting with Branko Lustig, producer of Schindler’s List, Gladiator, etc. at the Beverly Hills Hotel to discuss the mutual cooperation on a feature film project about the late Bela Zelikovics, a Hungarian Jew whose life story will surely serve as inspiration to people the world over once it is told. Bela Zelikovics, a humble shoemaker, lost his entire livelihood during World ...

Cooperation between Sphinx Productions and G-STAR School of the Arts for Motion Pictures and Broadcasting

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West Palm Beach, Florida, February 2012 – During a meeting between Ahmed Radwan and Gregory E. Hauptner, Motion Picture & Television Producer, Founder/CEO/CFO of G-STAR School of the Arts for Motion Pictures and Broadcasting, and G-Star Motion Picture Studios, Sphinx Productions entered into an agreement for a long term cooperation to establish similar schools and production facilities in the countries in which Sphinx Productions have ...

Russian, Austrian and Azerbaijani ambassadors at the reception of Mr. Radwan’s official visit to the Emirates

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Abu Dhabi, January 2012 – Working on various international projects, Mr. Radwan was invited to an official visit to the Emirates. During the dinner reception in the residence of the Austrian Ambassador Dr. Julius Lauritsch on the occasion of Mr. Radwan’s visit, Radwan announced the cooperation on projects between Germany, UK, Azerbaijan, Russia, the USA, the UAE and Austria. Mr. Radwan mentioned that his work is ...

Press Conference in Kuwait

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Kuwait 2011

Kuwait, Oktober 2011 – At the residence of Dr. Marian Wrba, the Austrian Ambassador to Kuwait, a press conference was organized to highlight co-production possibilities between the gulf area and Europe. Many journalists and film producers, as well as some star actors and actresses, were present. With the support of Mr. Radwan and his company, more and more Arab countries are becoming interested in filming ...

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