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Miriam & Maryam

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An 18-year-old European girl discovers that after her birth in the United Arab Emirates she was mistakenly mixed up with another baby girl in the hospital, and she tries to find her natural parents. The first European-Emirati co-production for worldwide distribution. ...

Hopelessly in Love

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Mira, a young woman student from Abu Dhabi, comes to Austria to study abroad for a semester. Her father supports her in this, and Mira sees her stay in Austria as an opportunity to work out for herself future career plans, as well as her thoughts on marriage, family, tradition, etc. She realizes once here how much she loves and misses her friend Khaled, ...

Alexander The Great from Macedonia

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Set in Macedonia, north of Greece, in 340BC - sixteen-year-old Alexander is still at school, under the tutelage of the great philosopher Aristotle, but he is old enough to engage in battle and he and his friends are eager to become fighting men. While his father, King Philip of Macedon, is distracted with keeping his unruly empire under control, Alexander must take responsibility for the ...

First Love

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  ATV series for 300 million potential viewers in the entire Arabic-speaking world plus another 10 million potential viewers in Europe. SPHINX FILMS is responsible for sequels of the series that will be filmed in Austria. Synopsis (for portions filmed in Austria) Rima, a Jordanian student, travels to Austria to further her education. Here, people are friendly to her and she soon makes new friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, ...

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