• Tomorrow`s Hope

    A group of Syrian refugees are trying to build a new life in Lebanon.

  • Miriam & Maryam

    The first European-Emirati co-production for worldwide distribution

  • Hopelessly in Love

    Abu Dhabi’s first modern drama, in cooperation with SPHINX FILMS

  • Alexander The Great

    Set in Macedonia, north of Greece, in 340BC

  • First Love

    A TV series for 300 million potential viewers in the entire Arabic-speaking world

  • Sky Angels

    Action series set in and around the spectacular setting of the Gulf Area

  • Asswar

    A TV series, produced for the international arabic satellite broadcaster MBC

  • An Eastern Breeze

    A film about Sheikh Zayed Al-Nahayan is not meant to be a fairy tale the likes of The Arabian Nights (1001 Nights)

  • Didgeridoo

    A documentary film about the music instrument of the aborigines

Sky Angels

Posted in Productions

Sky Angels is an action series set in and around the spectacular setting of the Gulf Area. Treatment Four young friends, all living in the Gulf Area - an Arab man aged 30 and an attractive arab woman aged 26, an American man aged 37 and an attractive English woman aged 30 - form a helicopter rescue service agency. The outfit is run by the American guy ...

Fences (Asswar)

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ATV series, produced for the international Arabic satellite broadcaster MBC. SPHINX PRODUCTIONS is responsible for 4 sequels of the series that are filmed in Austria. Episodes x duration (of each): 30 x 45 minutes Language: Arabic, German and English Production year: 2006 Genre: Drama Overall duration: 22 hours Production locations: Saudi Arabia, Austria Story: Hassan Assiri Script: Adil Muhammed Al Gabri Director: Said Bashir Hawari Transmit channels: MBC, LBCSat TV, Kuwait Satellite, Qatar Satellite, ...

An Eastern Breeze

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A film about Sheikh Zayed Al-Nahayan is not meant to be a fairy tale the likes of The Arabian Nights (1001 Nights), which the West has come to know and love. Neither is it meant to be "just another" epic historic film in the traditional Hollywood manner. Though it will certainly contain some elements of both, any film about His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan ...


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The Most Fascinating Human Musical Instrument The Austrian-Australian film Didgeridoo is the first extensive documenary film about one of the the most fascinating human instruments. This film was organized in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Education and displays the extraordinary contrast between the didgeridoo and Austria. The Australian original residents (aborigines) developed this fascinatng instrument, which is made from wood hollowed out by termites, and which ...


Posted in Europe, Locations

Not only is Austria ideally located in the heart of Europe, but it also borders seven quite diverse countries (Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy). That places everything from stunning Alpine locations to culturally unique showplaces at our international production partners’ disposal. We have been especially active in Tyrol, where Sphinx Productions has partnered numerous productions that aired throughout the Arabic world. ...

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